Common Types of Inline Skates

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Inline Skates

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Of the variety of inline skates available to consumers, each type serves a different purpose and is suited to different skill levels. Following is a brief overview of some of the more common skate types:

Recreational: The most popular of the inline skates, this type is designed for individuals most interested in skating for fun. Recreational inline skates are a good choice for everything from basic fitness to skating around the neighborhood and can accommodate all levels of skaters.

Fitness: This type is specifically designed for individuals looking to race, train, or exercise while skating. Their overall look is similar to recreational skates, but they perform at a much higher level and have larger wheels, allowing for speed over long distances.

Urban/street: A relatively new type of skate, urban or street skates have replaceable parts that can handle the damage caused by grinding and jumping. The wheels and bearings are like those found on recreational skates, but the boot is specially made to handle the performance of tricks.

Roller hockey: With the growing popularity of roller hockey, these inline skates are designed for handling the maneuvers of the fast-paced game. The boots are reinforced for strength, and the frames are typically made from airplane-grade aluminum.