Central Park Conservancy Keeps Grounds Looking Beautiful

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Central Park Conservancy
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A lawyer with nearly 30 years’ experience, Nancy L. Kourland is a Chapter 11 bankruptcy litigator in New York City. As a longtime New Yorker, Nancy L. Kourland supports a number of city groups and nonprofits, including the Central Park Conservancy.

The Central Park Conservancy is a nonprofit created in 1980 by residents who were concerned about the care and improvement of Central Park, an 843-acre urban park on the island of Manhattan. After witnessing two decades of steady decline, the first thing the Central Park Conservancy did was raise money from city residents, businesses, and foundations to go forward with projects aimed at the upkeep, maintenance, renovations, and restorations of the park facilities.

Today, Central Park is one of the most frequented parks in the United States. It’s also a highly popular setting for paintings, movies, television shows, and novels. Lined with public art, the park features walking and biking trails, gardens, a castle, and a carousel. Also home to the Central Park Zoo and the Central Park Ice Skating Rink, the park plays host to concerts and many more programs aimed at children, families, and adults. The Central Park Conservancy maintains the world-class beauty and history this park brings for the millions of the people who visit each year.


Internship Opportunities with the Central Park Conservancy

For more than 23 years, Nancy L. Kourland has focused her legal practice on bankruptcy and bankruptcy litigation. As an associate with Rosen & Associates, P.C., she represents chapter 11 debtors and distressed companies as well as unsecured vendors and creditors. Apart from her professional responsibilities, Nancy L. Kourland supports a number of charitable organizations in her area, including the Central Park Conservancy.

Established in 1984 by a group of New York citizens, the Central Park Conservancy now raises more than 75 percent of the park’s annual budget. Among the organization’s numerous community outreach and educational programs is a summer internship program for high school students. The full-time, paid internship is available to high school students wishing to gain experience with the Conservancy’s horticulture, visitor services, and public programs departments. Any high school student age 16 and older is eligible, although students who have previously participated in Central Park Conservancy programs receive priority.

For more information about eligibility and application requirements, email youth@centralparknyc.org.

Volunteer Opportunities with Central Park Conservancy

An associate with Rosen & Associates and a resident of New York City, Nancy L. Kourland seeks out many opportunities to improve her local community. One of the organizations that Nancy L. Kourland supports is the Central Park Conservancy. This organization largely depends on support from donors and volunteers to achieve its coal of protecting and preserving the 843 acres that comprise Central Park. Individuals can volunteer on a drop-in basis or commit themselves to long-term positions.

Volunteer opportunities with the organization allow individuals to capitalize on their skills. For example, people with a green thumb can participate in the Horticulture Program to keep the landscape beautiful by planting and pruning. Volunteers also serve as greeters and guides for the 40 million people who visit Central Park each year. Central Park Paws allows individuals to volunteer their time to organizing and operating dog-friendly programming at the park.

Specialized opportunities exist for youth, families, and companies. The Day in the Dirt program, for example, allows corporate groups to build camaraderie while making a positive impact on the community.

Central Park Conservancy Features Birding Basics Event

Since 2009, Nancy L. Kourland has served as an associate at Rosen & Associates, PC, based out of New York City. In this position, she represents debtors and creditors found in chapter 11 cases. She also partakes in bankruptcy and district court appearances. Active within her community, Nancy L. Kourland regularly donates her time to several nonprofit endeavors, one of which is the Central Park Conservancy (CPC).

Established in 1980 by a group of concerned individuals, the CPC works to preserve, and maintain the integrity of, Central Park. With 40 million annual visitors, the park remains the most frequently visited urban park in the country. As a result, the Conservancy provides crew members to aerate lawns, rake leaves, plant shrubs, maintain the drainage system, and protect the lakes and streams from pollution and algae.

Throughout the year, the CPC hosts events at Central Park for individuals and families to attend. One event, Birding Basics for Families, is scheduled to be held on May 31, 2015, at the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center inside Central Park. Geared toward those ages five and older, this free event features members of the New York City Audubon Society, who will teach attendees how to spot birds that migrate to the area.

Central Park Conservancy: Restoring and Encouraging Use of Central Park by Nancy L. Kourland, Member

by Nancy L. Kourland

The New York City-based Central Park Conservancy consists of civic-minded citizens and local leaders dedicated to restoring, maintaining, and improving Central Park. Currently, the Conservancy employs 80 percent of the Park’s maintenance staff and provides more than $31 million toward the city landmark’s annual operating costs.

Mission and History

Organized in 1980, the Central Park Conservancy initially dedicated itself to restoring Central Park to its pre-1970s splendor, when the landmark served as the nation’s premier urban public space. Some 18 years later, the Conservancy and New York City officially entered into a public-private partnership for the management of the Park. In 2006, both entities agreed to renew the partnership for another eight years. Since the founding of the Central Park Conservancy, the nonprofit group has contributed $550 million to the Park’s operational and restoration costs, funds that were donated by individuals, companies, foundations, and New York City government.

Restoration Projects

The Central Park Conservancy launched its first fund-raising campaign in 1986, an effort that led to the restoration of iconic locations, such as the Grand Army Plaza, Shakespeare Garden, and Bethesda Terrace. During the 1990s, the organization focused on capital projects in Central Park’s northern portions, including the rejuvenation of the Harlem Meer area, the Great Lawn, and North Meadow. Organizing a third campaign in 2005, the Conservancy has focused on repairing the area of the Park that runs from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the northeast end near Harlem Meer.

Current Efforts

The Central Park Conservancy’s volunteers and employees currently maintain more than 250 acres of Central Park’s lawns, 130 acres of forestland, 150 acres of waterways, and approximately 24,000 trees. The Conservancy’s responsibilities also include caring for 9,000 benches, nearly 50 sports fields and playgrounds, and 55 sculptures and monuments. In addition to gathering and disposal of more than 5 million pounds of trash each year from the Park, the nonprofit group organizes annual public outreach and volunteer programs for children and adults and manages 5 visitor centers. Read more about the Central Park Conservancy online at www.centralparknyc.org.